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Authorised access has come a long way from using keys, pin codes, cards, and fingerprints. We now find ourselves stepping into the era of facial recognition and temperature reading.

Facial recognition in access control and time attendance has been an inevitable trend, which creates an advantageous “touch-free” experience with advanced deep learning technology and practical functions. 

Facial recognition terminals bring better security and improved efficiency to access control and time attendance tracking, making them more painless than ever!

6 Benefits of Facial Recognition Systems

Saving Money

Facial recognition software affords employers a means of tracking their employees’ attendance while eliminating human error. This means keeping track of the exact number of hours an employee is working and correlating payroll calculations. No “false overtime” to worry about!

Automated and Accurate

Facial recognition technology is one of the fastest and most accurate in the world, accurately reporting attendance, absences, and overtime to the exact minute. The technology can identify thousands of people in less than a second, and the software provides information that is 100% correct without you lifting a finger.

Time Saver

There is no need for employees to touch the surface of the system to clock in and out. Facial recognition allows employees to walk in and out within seconds, instantly eliminating the hassle of swiping cards or waving tags around!

Increases Security

First off, this technology altogether avoids the issues of early and late punching, as well as “buddy punching.” Facial recognition eliminates those problems instantly; if your face is not scanned, you are not clocked in at work! It is as simple as that. Also, if there are any incidents, facial recognition already has a scanned image of everyone that has entered the worksite, providing evidence for any needed investigation.

Fool Proof Biometric Technology

Fool-prove facial biometric technology nowadays has a high achievement rate, particularly with the growth of three-dimensional facial study and credentials algorithm. It is challenging to fool the scheme. Thus, you can be relieved knowing that your biometrics PC security system would be useful for tracking time plus attendance while giving high heights of security.

Prevents Loss of Productivity

The use of a facial recognition clock is a fantastic alternative to minimize the spreading of viruses and illnesses. Therefore, keeping employees healthy. When workers are healthy, they go to work, are in better moods, and boost their own productivity. Facial recognition can also hold data that permits the company to analyze and keep an eye on their workforce statistics and any additional reports needed.

System Highlights

Superior recognition in any environment

  • 100% accuracy rate
  • Recognition speed below 0.2 seconds
  • Fast recognition in complete darkness

Top-level security

  • Face anti-spoofing ensures access security
  • Data encryption to protect data privacy

Easy to manage and operate

  • Quick and easy registration with various
    access options
  • Remote control via a mobile app
  • Convenient web configurations

Better extensibility

  • Linkage with NVRs, network cameras, and indoor intercom stations
  • E-Home 5.0 (ISUP 5.0)
  • Abundant third-party integration options
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Product Categories

Value Series

Value face terminals offer limited storage capacity for facial images but complete access control and time attendance functions. They can be very suitable and cost-effective for medium and small companies and retail establishments.

Pro Series

These terminals offer adequate storage capacity for facial images and complete access control and time attendance functions, giving this series the advantages of high cost-effectiveness and high adaptability to different application scenarios.

Ultra Series

With a large storage capacity for facial images, high performance and comprehensive access control and time attendance functions, the Ultra Series Face Terminals offer users and clients an excellent user experience.

Face Recognition Modules for Turnstile

The face recognition modules for turnstile can easily integrate with turnstiles to provide the user with a complete access solution. The integrated terminal-turnstile solution is beneficial for commercial buildings, banks, etc.